Supercon Inc. has been manufacturing superconducting wire since 1962, longer than any other company in the world. Our modern manufacturing facility in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts was specifically built to produce composite metal wire products. And we've remained focused on that commitment.

Powerful Results

Our comprehensive capabilities combined with our narrow focus on superconductors yield powerful results for our customers. We're proud of our innovation and leadership in product development, which has led to our winning four R&D 100 Awards.
While many of our competitors are tied to larger organizations that both supply and compete with their customers, Supercon is independent. We have no mission other than to serve our customers, meet their superconductor needs and exceed their expectations for service, innovation and quality. All we do is manufacture superconducting wire.

Unmatched Responsiveness

Supercon is uniquely positioned to supply both standard and custom designed superconductors to meet individual technical specifications and delivery schedules. The combination of our experience, our size and our unique customer-oriented organization allows Supercon to concentrate on satisfying the needs of the customer.  In this regard, Supercon consistently provides a level of responsiveness that is unmatched in the industry.


Our experienced staff of physicists, engineers, material scientists and manufacturing professionals are here to assist you regarding all your superconductor requirements.  Contact our Sales Engineering group for an immediate response.Experience and Commitment, Experience and Commitment